What High Performers Know About Failure

What society taught us about failure is largely wrong. High performers have a better relationship with failure. They know what failure really means, the understand the power that comes with failure, and they know how to put failure to work in their lives to achieve their goals faster. This article is about learning what high performers know about failure and putting it to work in our own lives.

Do High-Performers Ever Stop Chasing Growth

Overview There are plenty of people in this world satisfied with achieving a certain level of comfort and then putting things on cruise control ceasing any meaningful growth. On the other hand there are those rare individuals who are not satisfied with simply living a life of comfort. These people are the high performers in […]

Is Your Mindset Sabotaging Your Path to Meaningful Growth

Introduction In previous blogs we’ve talked about what it looks like when people are living on autopilot and why they should stop being a passenger in their own lives. That’s all well and good, and there are quite a few people who don’t want to live life on autopilot. They want more and they would […]

If You Want Meaningful Growth & a Deeply Rich Life Be Prepared to Pay the Cost

Overview So you want meaningful growth that leads to a rich life filled with deep value, meaning, and purpose? Sounds great right, and who would not want that. However, are you willing to do what it takes to achieve this? Do you have the stamina, drive, discipline, determination, and grit, or are you looking for […]

Stop Being a Passenger In Your Life | Live a Rich Life of Intent, Action, Purpose, and Meaning

Introduction What is it that you’re living for? What is it that you are so passionate about that you are playing the long game of aligning your mind, your energy, and your resources to achieve or attain? Are you able to fire off answers to these questions faster than a Clint Eastwood quickdraw circa The […]

Your Wake Up Call | Stop Living a Life of Complacency, Conformity, Acquiescence, and Deep Seeded Anger

Introduction | My Story of Unnamed Frustration & The Swelling Anger Have you ever felt that you’re drifting through life? Are you unhappy, and you don’t really know why? Do you feel frustration and anger swelling just beneath the surface? Does this rumble of anger seem as though it’s been growing and growing slowly in […]

Mindset | The Power of Living a Life of Intention vs. a Life on Auto-Pilot

Introduction How much choice do you have on your life? How much agency are you asserting on your life? Are you being intentional about where your life is going and what you’re doing with your time and resources, or are you taking a passive approach letting your auto-pilot do most of the work? Before we […]

Mindset | Why Self-Reflection is Critical for Meaningful Growth

Introduction Meaningful growth is what we’re all about here at The Upward Spiral Group, and we want to make it clear that the path to meaningful growth begins with a willingness to engage in honest and genuine self-reflection. What do we mean when we say “meaningful growth”? Simple, it’s growing in ways that really matter […]

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