What is it that you’re living for? What is it that you are so passionate about that you are playing the long game of aligning your mind, your energy, and your resources to achieve or attain? Are you able to fire off answers to these questions faster than a Clint Eastwood quickdraw circa The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, or does it take you a beat to come up with a response? If it takes you a moment then know that you’re not alone, because it takes most people a bit before they can rattle off an answer. So, what does this mean, and what is my point? I’m glad you asked!

My point is that most people don’t have real clarity as to what they’re after in life. Worse, many people are just idly drifting through life. Even worse, many of these people simply don’t care. This path of apathy, complacency, conformity, and acquiescence is all too easy to fall down due to a number of factors, but this road doesn’t lead anywhere towards a life of any significant value. If you find yourself on this path, but you’ve got something stirring inside you that makes you want to break free and live a life of deeper meaning then this article is for you.

We want people to wake up from living a life on autopilot and chase something far better. We want you to chase a rich life that’s filled with intent, action, meaning, and purpose. We want you to maximize your potential, realize your potential, and unleash your gifts onto the world so that you can make the lasting impact on this world that you desire. In this article we’re going to make clear what the goal of living this rich life is, and what it looks like by defining the following as to serve as a clear guide to move from an idle life towards a meaningful life.

  1. What is a Rich Life
  2. What is a Life of Intent
  3. What is a Life of Action
  4. What is a Life of Purpose
  5. What is a Life of Meaning

1. What is a Rich Life

Friggin Rich as Hell

When you think of someone who’s “rich” what images does your mind conjure up? What does this persons life look like? Often our first thoughts are of someone with a big house, a garage filled with a badass Ferrari 812, a Mercedes AMG G-Wagon, and maybe a Porsche 911 Turbo S just to have a practical supercar for a daily driver. These people are dripping in Rolexes, Fendi, Prada, and can often be spotted looking tan on yachts off the Amalfi coast, checking out art in any Gagosian gallery, or making fresh turns from a heli-ski jaunt in Banff.

All that is great, but that’s not what we’re talking about here when we’re talking about what a rich life is and what it looks like. So, what’s our definition of what a rich life is and what it looks like? I’m so glad you asked!

A rich life, by the Upward Spiral definition, is a life that’s full of deep value from the things that really matter. We’re talking about a life oozing with purpose, passion, meaning, knowledge, experience, deep relationships, and love. Imagine someone who knows what they’re about, they know what they want, and they are working day in and day out towards attainment. Now, imagine that this person wants to gain all of this ability, power, and value, not so that they can horde it all for themselves, but so they can turn it onto the world to make the mark they want to make.

This is what a rich life looks like, and it’s most certainly not something that happens by accident or idle means. There are core building blocks to this rich life of of intent, action, purpose, and meaning and that’s what we’re going dive deeper into.

2. What is a Life of Intent

In order to access this type of rich life you must have a mindset of intent. In other words you need to be very thoughtful and specific as to how you want to apply your efforts and time towards achieving your goals. You can’t expect to achieve what you’re after by just floating through life and letting things happen to you. Know what you want and then be intentional about how you want to get it.

A life of intent is a mindset that puts an eye towards the long term while also focusing on the present. If you don’t have intent for both your past, present, and future you’ll likely be stuck in stasis never able to progress forward. This carries us towards at life of action.

3. What is a Life of Action

A life of action is a mindset that brings intent to the present moment. You can’t sit on your hands and wish for things to happen, you need to be proactive about how you want things in your life to turn out. This means thinking long term while also taking action in the here and now.

You can have a very clear picture of your goals, and you can have all the intent in the world to apply yourself towards reaching those goals. However, if you just stay stuck in this phase then your intentions are nothing more than hopes and dreams that never turn into anything tangible. You have to take all of your energy and intent and release it through actual action. Acting on intent is what moves you forward. It’s how you become better, wiser, and stronger.

Know that often the first step is the hardest, but once you get going you start to create sustained momentum and inertia. It can feel like you’re a kid again standing at the top of a diving board several feet above the water. You try and talk yourself up, you count down from three, but you just have false start after false start. Don’t beat yourself up. Just take courage, pinch your nose, and cannonball into action.

4. What is a Life of Purpose

You’ll likely be feeling pretty good after you’ve engaged in intent and action because together they are quite invigorating to your wellbeing. You are effectively moving away from a life of autopilot and you are moving towards a rich life. However, there’s one last step that holds the secret sauce to this rich life mojo which is purpose.

Now you might be thinking, “well intent and action are pretty purposeful if I do say so myself.” Well, intent and action are not the same as purpose. Intent is just an aim or a direction to move towards, while action moves us in that direction. Purpose goes one step deeper because it’s your intent combined with your actions that are tied to your purpose.

Purpose is having intent and action with a clear understanding of why you want the things you want. Your intent, action, intent, and life are all tied together by what really matters to you. Why do you believe in what you believe? What is it that drives your actions or intent? This is your purpose.

5. What is a Life of Meaning

Once you have intent, action, intent tied to purpose, and life all working together it’s time to focus on the true meaning behind why you’re doing what you do. Living a rich life of intent, action, purpose, and meaning is conditional upon having your actions tied to your intent with a clear understanding of what your intent, actions, and life all mean to you. The question that you have to answer is; what is it that you want you life to amount to? What mark do you want to make on the world? What is your legacy?

Live like your life matters. Live so that they’ll know you were there. You have an abundance of talents, intelligence, and creativity. Unleash those traits onto the world and make it a better place.

Final Thoughts

If you’re intent on living a rich life, then it’s time to take action. Start by defining your intent and purpose for the future before taking action in the present moment. All of these actions should be tied together with an understanding of what they mean to you personally. This is how you create meaning in your life that will make it worth living.

If you don’t have intent, purpose, intent, and action tied together by life then your life won’t mean much. You’ll be stuck in a place of emptiness, and boredom; all while feeling like you’re putting in the effort to just get through an endless cycle that goes nowhere. There’s no intent, purpose, intent, action, or life; without you also having a clear understanding of what your intent, intent, action and life actually mean.

Don’t settle for the normal. Don’t live like everyone else by just getting up every day to go through the motions because one day you’ll wake up wondering where all that time went. You’ll look back and realize you’ve been wasting precious moments of your life by not really living at all.

That’s not a rich life; that’s a sad, dull, and boring way to exist. So, what do you live for? What drives your intent? What actions will you take in pursuit of that intent? What will you do with your life?

These are the questions that a rich life demands us to answer. Now, get to work!

Your Rich Life Summary

  • Intent: How will I apply myself
  • Action: How am I going about getting what I want
  • Purpose: What is it that I am after
  • Meaning: What mark do I want to leave on the world. What is my legacy

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