So you want meaningful growth that leads to a rich life filled with deep value, meaning, and purpose? Sounds great right, and who would not want that. However, are you willing to do what it takes to achieve this? Do you have the stamina, drive, discipline, determination, and grit, or are you looking for quick fixes, and easy solutions? Well, the thing about genuine and meaningful growth that leads to a rich life is not for the timid, the weak, or those looking for the easy path. You’ve got to be willing to do the hard things, and face the hard truths this kind of growth requires. While the cost is great, I can promise you that the value is unlike anything else.

If you want meaningful growth, then stop being a choosing the easy path over and over and start doing what’s necessary. The first step is accepting where you are right now and then going from there. Get honest with yourself about who you are and what needs to happen for meaningful change to take place in your life or business–and then do those things!

Clearly, achieving meaningful growth is does not come from taking the easy path. Meaningful growth is hard fought, hard won, and it comes at a cost. In this article we’re going to take a focused look at the following topics in an effort to clearly break down the cost of meaningful growth:

  1. Defining the Goal | A Rich Life of Intent, Action, Purpose, and Meaning
  2. Breaking Down the Cost
  3. A discussion on Cost & Value

Defining the Goal | A Rich Life of Intent, Action, Purpose, and Meaning

As we kick this off, we need to make it very clear what your goal is and why meaningful growth is required to access it. So, let’s get right to it! What we challenge you to aspire to is a rich life that has deep meaning and really matters. We really did a deep dive into this in one of our blog articles titled “STOP BEING A PASSENGER IN YOUR LIFE | LIVE A RICH LIFE OF INTENT, ACTION, PURPOSE, AND MEANING“.

However, accessing this kind of rich life can’t be found through taking the easy options in life. Instead, meaningful growth is required in order to access an incredible life that matters, and this kind of growth comes with a cost. Let’s take a closer look at what this cost looks like.

Breaking Down the Cost

Pride & Ego

One of the biggest factors that prevent people from attaining the meaningful growth required to access a rich life is their pride and ego. An essential precursor to growth is that in pursuit of a new mindset, skillset, or knowledge you have to go through a learning phase where you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You’ll make mistakes, take missteps, and encounter failure. And when you do that your pride will take a hit.

There is no way around it.

Now, the more prideful and ego-driven you are, the harder this will be. The reason for that is such individuals often believe they already know everything there is to know on a particular topic–the truth of course being they don’t. We all have blind spots and our own individual knowledge has limitations. So the question becomes: do you want meaningful growth or not?

If you’re willing to do what it takes then the act of sacrificing your ego and pride will be a lot easier to deal with, but if not then meaningful growth won’t happen. Thus, meaningful growth requires that you are able to humble yourself in order to learn new things–and that’s a pain in the ass.

 From our perspective, meaningful growth requires that we get over ourselves and not be so concerned about what people think of us and how it might affect our standing or ego. When you can do this, meaningful growth seems to flow way easier and the cost is far less than before.

A Willingness to Do the Hard Things

The next major cost associated with meaningful growth is that it requires that you are willing to do the hard things, and the thing about doing the hard things is that they are, well… hard. Generally, when people are presented with an easy option and a hard option, naturally they often will select the easier of the two options. That’s the path we call the “EASY PATH”. The hard path is not only arduous and filled with pain, but it seems to have a high probability of failure. So why bother taking that course?

If you look at things like improving your health, learning a new language, learning how to play an instrument, becoming a master marketer, master gardener, or attain a black belt in jiujitsu, they all take a commitment to do the hard thing over and over again. This commitment to doing the hard thing over and over again is where a commitment to discipline kicks in.

A Commitment to Discipline

In order to consistently do the hard things over time it is critical that you rely on discipline over motivation. It’s great to be motivated and have a swelling of energy to tackle something, but the thing about motivation is that it comes and goes. Motivation waivers, and that’s why you need to rely on discipline in order to do the hard things over and over again with the consistency required to attain meaningful growth.

A Willingness to Take Responsibility

Another significant cost of achieving meaningful growth is a willingness to take responsibility in your life. Many people view themselves as victims who are unwitting participants in life and are not at any fault for what happens to them. This is the absolute wrong mindset to have if you want a rich life. You must be able to look at your circumstances in life and accept responsibility for your actions and that you have not had life happen to you, but you have happened to life.

This willingness to take responsibility puts the power in your hands–you are suddenly able to identify what went wrong and how it affected your quest for meaningful growth. Those taking a passive approach at life give up the opportunity to exercise any agency in their lives. Taking responsibility at every step of your life is a prime differentiator in mindset between those that will reach a rich life vs. those that won’t. In the end, you have to decide whether you are a victim in life, or a victor.

A Discussion on Cost & Value

Whether we are talking about material things, experiences, competencies, relationships, and so on, the things in life that we see as being high in value are often also high in cost. It is fundamentally important that you understand that there is a direct correlation between value and cost. Things that are “cheap” do not offer much value. Things that are of high value don’t come cheap.

However, when it comes to areas surrounding meaningful growth, yes there is a high cost to attain whatever it is you’re after. However, the value that you get in return for your investment often pays incredible dividends over time making meaningful growth an exceptional investment in your time and resources. Furthermore, meaningful growth will build on itself. In other words it’s kind of like leveling up in a video game. Level 1, 2, and 3 are pretty easy, but by the time you’re at level 28 things can get pretty intense. However, you’re prepared for what level 28 has to throw at you because you have been leveling up yourself all through the journey.

Final Thoughts

Meaningful growth and the pursuit of a rich life of intent, action, purpose, and meaning come at a high cost. However, you have time on your side, so invest in attaining important things, skills, competencies, knowledge, relationships, and so on as these will pay tremendous dividends in your life. You will level up along the way and be able to access different areas of experience and growth that would not have otherwise been accessible to you. Take meaningful growth seriously. Do the hard things and pay the high cost, but enjoy the wealth of meaningfulness that comes to you as a result.

Don’t be afraid of meaningful growth, do the hard things over and over again, take responsibility for your life, and enjoy the value that meaningful growth brings forth in you.

If you want meaningful growth in your life and career, it will cost you time and effort. You’ll be tempted to give up when things get difficult, but don’t! The process can often be a painful one, but the end result of significant meaningful growth is worth all that pain. It’s okay if meaningful growth comes with some costs; what matters most is that these investments bring about great value for years or decades to come. Don’t let yourself off the hook by taking shortcuts – do whatever it takes to pursue genuine meaningfulness in your life.

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